Jay and Maria started Tiny Camper Rentals because we love to camp, long road trips and micro campers. With 2 kids, the space for camp gear, supplies and bikes was becoming limited in our Toyota Tacoma. Packing and repacking everything became a chore. Then we bought our first Teardrop Trailer, Now we have all the room we need. We bring 4 bikes, an inflatable paddle board and a small kayak because all the camping gear fits inside the trailer. Taking about a half hour to set up camp, we still set up a tent for the kids to sleep in. Cooking is a breeze in the outdoor kitchen and it doesn't hurt our bones to not have to sleep on the ground any more. In 2017 we decided to see what it would be like if we rented our trailer out. We thought at little extra money to off' set the cost of our trailer would be great. What we didn't expect was how fun it was to help fellow travelers go on easy stress free camp trips. We now have a second Teardrop Trailer for rent and look forward to expanding! We strive to work with each renter to provide you with everything needed for a memorable vacation!