It's all about the kitchen 

It's all about the kitchen.  Think about getting up in the morning.  You take the food out of the car to make breakfast, then pack it all back up and put it back in the car. Repeat for lunch and dinner.  No more: just open up the back hatch and the kitchen is ready to go. On long trips, it's easy to pull over at a rest stop and make a great meal!

When traveling with younger kids, your toddlers and infants will have a warm and secure place to sleep.  We recommend our 2017 Alpine Teardrop Hawk.  The cabin has a queen size bed and can accommodate up to 2 small children with both parents.  Great place for nap time or a movie on a laptop!


Older children love their own space, so consider a tent for them and you can sleep in the cabin.  We have a Coleman 12x12 tent, cots and sleeping bags available.


We will work with you to outfit the camper with any items you need. At the end of your trip, take out your food and clothing and we take care of the rest.  You won't need an extra day of vacation to put away your gear!