Towing Capacity


  • Our Tiny Campers can be pulled by most vehicles. But not all vehicles are meant be tow vehicles, especially when you consider the steep mountains of the west

  • Please check your owner's manual to see what towing capacity your vehicle is rated for. Remember that what you have loaded in your car or truck plus your own weight can also affect your vehicle's ability to tow and strain your engine.

  • Our Tiny Campers have a dry weight of 980 t0 1200 lbs dry. That's without any gear, food, liquid weight or clothing added.


What you Need

  • Class l hitch receiver or higher that is rated at least for 2000lb with a 4-pin electrical hook up for the tail and break lights.

  • Depending on the camper you choose a 7 pin connector is advisable so you can charge the battery.

  • We have adaptors available 

  • 2 inch ball hitch that sits about 17 to 19 inches off the ground. We have one that fits a 2 inch receiver available for you to use

  • Current Vehicle insurance 

Tips for towing